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El Corral del Indianu has a Michelin star and two Suns Repsol, which prove its success.

José Antonio Campoviejo (Cangas de Onis, 1969) is a mad genius. Maybe he is not, but he could be. His tousled mop of hair, the emotion he shows when he talks about cooking, his constant concern. His obsession with punctuality, cleanliness. He is a different cook. You can love his dishes or just don’t understand them and refuse. An example: 'chicken with pure oysters interiors', a 'radical interpretation of mountain and seathat you can love or just hate"... it is a dish based on Eo oysters and hearts and livers of pitu de caleya.
Campoviejo is a self-taught chef. He approached cooking at the military service, where a passion was born. This love took shape through the magazines and books that his partner and head of El Corral del Indianu, Yolanda Vega, shared with him at another restaurant, El Español, which was very close to El Corral del Indianu. He began there to perpetrate what is now one of the most perfect cuisines in España.

‘Foie trembling’, ‘fabaricas,’-dish developed with the help of a dental technician who enabled him to create the basis for designing beans with andaricas (crabs) flavor - ‘pote desestructurado’ or his unmistakable interpretation of ‘fabada’ are some of the dishes that have given him fame and prestige.
José Antonio Campoviejo is an advocate of organic products, as he reaches authentically tastes and the opportunity of travelling around the sapid history and the nature with taste sensations.

History El Corral del Indianu
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